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Related article: Date: Sun, February 17 52nd, 2002 15 27 -0800 ( PST ) From: Secret River u003csecret_rivers yahoo. com u003e Subject : Beirut - my -Adventure : The Journey - Chapter 2 ( bisexual and / or incest ) Beirut - Adventures ----------- ------------------------------------- WARNING This story adult / child relationship involves incest. If you are 18 years of age or offended by This kind of story, please do not read. each comments and encouragement Free Pedo Stories to continue, please write to secret_rivers yahoo. com,. ----------------------------------------------- - The story is not true, there are some real characters. Most names n have changed. Journey - Chapter 2 --------------------------------------- ---------- the day after the "truth " was very important to me. I found hidden sexual acts, which in one way or another is a normal action that home. I was very curious to know more about it, to get the whole truth, since I was a little unsure about the truth. I had very good experience with similarPeople who try to trap and then press or Enjoy it ! So I was very careful in dealing with him, but he has done nothing wrong, so I decided to study more about them.. decided to close the ALI much as I can, and I was thinking has some travel in this beautiful country of Lebanon. I knew that Ali has a very connections good, so I asked him to stop and for me the album to the north in the mountains. He was very excited, and he knew that to make money a little more. For the next day I woke up a strong hand to play with my hair. I thought I dreamed I jumped from my bed to see is half naked with ALI his sweat and tanned body and a big smile and beautiful. He greeted me, and reminded me that the time to wake up and be ready for the trip. We had some s leave early, so it is not so high in the jam. I hated of the way his body disappeared before my eyes. I could not stop looking to him, and I must admit I had the most wonderful perfect body I've seen. I have been to many countries and seen a lot of wonderful people, and I also met many wonderful people in Lebanon, , but it was special, was perfect, her smile and her body in shape and No black eyes and dark skin, in its wonderful. It was a perfect morning.. However, of his disappearance, went to put her clothes.. We were ready in minutes. I waited beside the car. It was, as always, your jeans and a white shirt wore thin. seems that all the clothes are so.. went to the north. I've always loved the mountains of Lebanon, and the amount of that are unique. It has wonderful views. In 30 minutes he goes from the coast to the mountains. It's amazing how much cross and how much diversity can be seen in a very short time. Educated people are nice and BEAUTIFUL friendly and everywhere. However, Ali was all me. He filled all the way with his shy smile sweet. With its sweet and care Behaving, and very little talking. was afternoon. There were 8. 000 meters. You can see all costs s beautiful Beirut and the coast as n orth. The weather is sooo nice and the Mediterranean is so blue.. Ali was put on the lawn.. I had to behave in their view, because we most of the day in Christian areas, and he was very kind in dealing with the issue n , because he is Muslim. He closed his eyes and began to singing. Discover new side of him, he has nice voice. Very masculine and timid reflection of his deep voice, but mostly personality. I thought this place is the best place to open that subject yeesterday. So aske iein " 'Ali is the problem you spoke of of his father, do it yourself " Your response was so deep, but I could not judge whether there is pain or love or I do not know, he said. " life is so beautiful, sometimes going in the wrong direction , but sometimes it is so perfect that even surprised " added Free Pedo Stories : " said This edition brings you pain, " " No, it's a nice pain. Who told you that pain is something undesirable ? sedumestics I'm not talking, I'm in love and care to talk pain. It's nice to feel the pain, because you know you have something I feel. I spent the period in which I was very neutral, so you think you is that it is pleasant? How do you feel alive is to feel something, pain o no, is, is your destination. However, there is a feeling ! " Did you say " So what I understand, you are in love, especially for someone who can get to. Is it ture, "said E n " Yes and no. You see, I feel like I'm very nice guy, I'd Free Pedo Stories tell you a secret that I never said that before, and perhaps to crash but I that you understand it, "said "Ali, tell me something you want not only as a favor, please say that s only me, if you want to talk, and I know that you want. I hope I can of his best friend and a perfect listener. But I can promise that I can not prove to platformht now, " said " I know you and know how much they are a little bit and how much he the understanding of man. Therefore, I feel good with you and also relaxed. I have never felt that way, and I can see very well that You are already my true friend. Look, I told you a few days ago about my the story with my father. But I would not say that I enjoy it and I I want very badly. I like women, and I like my younger woman, but I like y admire my father. I love the way he ignored me, I love it more , spit on me as queer. But best of him is when he had me after I cum and I went to bed. This is a touch better and real I can feel. He put his hand on my shoulder, and press firmly. I May your love for me, but he has to say never. Free Pedo Stories The only thing that looks like your ' A MAN and the sons of bitches who ever offered his cock to my day job, sucking and sympathy. I like to have sex with him, I really love. but I I also love the shape, and is evenvery rare, the way it shows her true love to me. Do you know the Free Pedo Stories story of the man who used to beat and beat with the wife of s every day, and then killed himself for her sake. This is exactly what happened between him and me. Humbles me even in front of his friends, but I can see his love, if not watched. that sometimes come and sit on my bed while I sleep and how to make your stay all day. Yah, that's me. This is Ali. and this is the story of the love between father and son, who is normal, but indescribable in my area. I we know that not all n of Lebanon, but only in very small and is generally very conservative and closed areas like my neighborhood. " said while Free Pedo Stories in the silence that while cool, but nice and brilliant time. " I understand all that Ali, I hope to see a clear picture of most \\ \\ n of his situation with his father. I will try to understand and learn better. It is normal to find that as funny as it is something totally banned in my community. Have you heard similar problems in your Free Pedo Stories area? "I asked " Yes, of course, in front of us. You know the man who helped with the Power on the other days. He had an affair with his know -15 years old child. His wife left him with a child under 2 years of age, 13 years ago and did not want to marry again, so he found his sex life with your child. I can see this relationship n as normal, is the son of very pure and loving his father, who from father to son love. There are other stories, and is silent normal to see the old flirt with other children in a refugee camp near with us. These guys have nothing to lose and it seems that only the elderly, such as guys!.. I do not like these things, and I will not agree with them.. I am only monogamous relationships with serious but not my case with my father. My father flirted with many men, many other girls and boys.. My two sons are also a part Free Pedo Stories of your imagination.. you know, that E n feel jealous sometimes when my wife or my son by rubbing his chest ? I'm not angry, but just jealous. Hey, you know about all know that you are living in our house, so get used to it now or later these scenes. You will see. Anyway, let's go, it is the night. Lets have a dinner at home. I arranged a dinner with my wife with you in our house. lets go.. ------------------------------------------- \\ \\ n if you liked it and if you continue to want to continue, please send your comments to secret_rivers yahoo. com ~ ~ V
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